Moving From “I” to “We” in Relationships: Does It Scare You?

Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of becoming a “We” in your relationship? It’s definitely a big moment when we realize that we’re not purely making decisions based on our singular perspective. It can be the most exciting part of falling in love because you feel the drama and high stakes of entering something…

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Should You Fear the Four Horsemen of the Relationship Apocalypse?

Can you really predict which couples will get divorced? As a therapist, I’m hesitant to embrace any ideology about relationships that paints couples with a broad brush. However, certain relationship dynamics can actually be telltale signs that a split is coming. Dr. John Gottman referred to these signs as the “Four Horsemen” for relationships. The…

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Avoid These Five Communication Blunders in Your Relationship

Why does communication break down so easily for couples? Most of us carry common habits into our communication styles without even knowing that we’re sowing seeds of hurt, distrust, and miscommunication. Discovering our communication mistakes is freeing because it allows us to escape cycles that have left us feeling frustrated for so long! How do…

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