This Could Be Why You Feel Lost After a Breakup

Who are you if you’re not in a relationship? This is the core question of the post-breakup identity crisis that can leave us feeling like we’re going off the rails. It can also be what causes us to try to rekindle romances that definitely should have stayed cold. While we may think that our sadness…

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The Emotional Costs of Maintaining Contact With Exes

Are you stuck in an endless breakup? Having a heart in limbo is the price many of us pay when we decide to maintain contact with an ex. While we may think that keeping in touch will help us to avoid the stinging pain of a breakup, the truth is that the slow, painful goodbye…

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Hack Your Brain to Get Over a Breakup

They weren’t kidding when they said breaking up is hard to do. Breakups devastate us because we feel like we’re losing access to a person we need in order to be happy. We’re not just letting go of a person. We’re letting go of our expectations, reliving traumatic messages from childhood that told us we’re…

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