Why Do People Ghost? How To Cope When This Happens to You

Although a relatively new term, ghosting occurs frequently in the world of dating. Sometimes people ghost others because they think it’s a way to have a “clean break,” especially if the chemistry isn’t there. However, going silent only leaves the other person feeling confused about what went wrong. Following are several reasons why ghosting happens and why you should try to avoid doing it to someone else.

There’s No Chemistry

People make time for things they care about, especially if it’s a promising relationship. Often, when someone ghosts you, it’s because you are no longer a priority in their life. If someone has suddenly dropped off the radar, it could be because they don’t feel any connection and don’t want to take things any further. In other words, they want to cut their losses and move on. In this case, an honest conversation early on can allow each person to clarify what they are looking for in a partner. Doing so helps to set expectations and lessen the shock of an abrupt ending.

They’ve Become Interested in Someone Else

While this is difficult to read, it’s not uncommon for someone to ghost you because they have met someone else. Sometimes, the person who has ghosted you has been seeing the other person all along and decides that they connect better with them. Ghosting can also happen if they sense you desire commitment. At that point, they may break off all communication and move on to someone else looking for a less serious relationship.

Other Areas in Their Life Have Taken Priority

While being busy seems like an age-old excuse for poor communication, sometimes it really is true. That person may have intended to spend more time finding the right partner, but a family emergency or a project at work has suddenly taken precedence. This situation often occurs if you have just started seeing that person and not much time is invested into the relationship yet. Both in-person and online dating can be emotionally overwhelming, so taking a break can make perfect sense. Unfortunately, some enforce this break by ceasing all communication without explaining why.

Too Much Time Has Passed By

People often get so busy that they forget to maintain contact with others. Like a conversation that is difficult to jump back into, it can be just as challenging to revive a blossoming relationship. If too much time passes due to forgetfulness or scheduling, starting communication back up again can feel awkward. They may feel it’s easier to move on without addressing the silence in these cases.
While ghosting may seem like a gentle way to let your partner down, breaking up by ghosting them can be more detrimental to their mental health. Breaking up with someone is never easy, no matter how long you’ve seen each other. However, being honest and direct about why things aren’t working will give them closure while keeping your dignity intact.

If you’re coming to terms with the end of a relationship and not sure where to turn, you’re not alone. Check out my free Break-Up Guide to help you heal and build resilience.