Why Establishing New Routines After a Breakup Is Important

Post-breakup you is a completely new person. It’s important to acknowledge that a relationship has left us changed. It’s also important to devote time to ourselves as we come to learn what shedding a relationship means for the future. That’s why establishing new routines after a breakup as part of the emotional recovery process can be so helpful. The key here is that we should not be using a new post-breakup routine as any kind of distraction or overcompensation that can distance us from the pain we feel. A post-breakup commitment to routines is actually a return to self following a separation. Here’s a look at tips for starting a new post-breakup routine.

Moving More

Getting your body moving is one of the best ways to move on. This one makes the list even if you’re someone who is already pretty active. The goal here is to try something new that makes you push your limits a little bit while also learning how to express the tension in your body in new ways. If you’re getting active for the first time, consider creating a new routine for a daily walk or jog. Joining a local walking or jogging club can also be great for motivation. Even joining a new yoga or dance class can be great for channeling movement into emotional recovery.


Journaling is one of the best ways to process your post-breakup thoughts. In many cases, people find that they get into an “automatic writing” mode that allows the subconscious to break through. In addition to being therapeutic in the moment, journaling is great for looking back on your thoughts and perceptions to identify patterns.

Connecting With Friends

Focusing on friendships can be an essential part of emotional recovery when coming out of a relationship. It’s important to note that reconnecting with friends should not be done for the sole purpose of “complaining about your ex” to others. While there will certainly be room for venting and opening up, the purpose of connecting with friends is to invest time and energy into satisfying give-and-take relationships.

Practicing Mindfulness

Where can you turn when those waves of heartbreak, loss, or confusion come? Mindfulness practices can help you to work through feelings of discomfort in your post-breakup life without giving into the urge to distract yourself, get lost in anger, or use unhealthy coping mechanisms. If you’re tossing and turning at night while running through red flags you missed, you’ll be happy to learn that meditation can help to improve sleep quality. The truth is that learning to use breathing exercises and meditation practices can help you in so many ways beyond just coping with breakup stress!

Thoughts on Establishing New Routines for Emotional Recovery After a Breakup

The big thing to remember is that you should not be working on establishing a new routine in order to prove anything to your ex! This routine is intended to help you pivot toward a post-relationship life in a way that feels healthy and balanced while also acknowledging the pain, discomfort, and confusion you may feel following a breakup. Finally, don’t forget to add my Break-up Guide to your toolkit for coming out of a relationship better than ever.