Why You Should Consider Going Public With Your Relationship Status

Today many people place a great deal of importance on publicly disclosing their relationship status on the internet. However, others wonder why we should even care whether everyone knows the state of our relationships. While you may not necessarily need to profess your love for your partner by shouting it on the rooftops, there are several reasons to consider going public.

Let Others Know You’re Off the Market

Announcing your status online is an effective way to show others you and your partner are off the market. You’re letting everyone know that things are serious and showcasing your level of commitment. This action is a type of dyadic display, which shows others you are in a committed relationship. Couples who publicly display their relationship status online are likelier to remain content than those who do not. In addition, some research suggests that being open about your relationship online may safeguard you from unwanted advances from others.

No More Wondering About the State of Your Relationship

Trying to figure out where you stand with a partner during the beginning of courtship is awkward. Are you heading towards a serious relationship or just having fun and seeing where things lead? Once you’ve announced the status of your relationship online, you no longer have to wonder. After all, there’s little room for misunderstanding what “Facebook official” means. Once you’ve updated your relationship status, there’s no questioning your exclusivity.

Sharing Your Relationship Bolsters Your Bond

Social media often causes people to question the quality of their relationship. It’s hard to believe that couples are always as happy and in love as much as their social media pages seem to suggest. While it’s true that people aren’t likely to share the low points of their relationship online, showing public declarations of love and commitment may bolster the bond between partners. When you are in a committed relationship, you are more likely to want to tell others about the good times you shared with your partner. Doing this increases relationship satisfaction and potentially becomes a beneficial self-fulfilling prophecy.

Document the Growth in Your Relationship

When your relationship faces challenges, looking back and reminiscing about the good moments can help you feel grateful for what you have and even compel you to work through difficulties. You may not notice the subtle changes that occur as your relationship evolves, especially if you and your partner are long-term. Social media gives you an easy way to relive positive memories and also show the world that you’re still in love with each other and going strong.

While social media is a powerful tool to help you communicate your relationship’s status, you should always try to keep things in perspective. There are benefits to going public online, but remember, it takes more than a “status change” to maintain a healthy connection in the real world. However, when used effectively, going public with your partner online is a beautiful way to enhance your bond and solidify your commitment.

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